Happy New Year! πŸŽ†

Hello 2018! Happy New Year!Β πŸŽ†

Cheers to more countries to discover & memories to cherish.Β πŸ₯‚ I hope you tick off at least one or two items from your bucket list.Β πŸ“Β Wishing everyone an adventure-filled & safe travel year. 🎈

PS. Thank you Instagram for these stickers.Β πŸŽ‰

Happy 2017! πŸŽ‡

Cheers to more flights to take ✈️, new people to meet πŸ‘¦πŸ‘§, many beer cans & bottles to drink 🍻, more bunk beds to sleep on πŸ› & numerousΒ street food to eat πŸ²πŸ—πŸ’! πŸ˜ƒ
Happy 2017! πŸŽ†Β Wishing everyone safe & fun travels all throughout the year! 🌏