About Me

Hi! Thank you for visiting The Wknd Travel.

My name is Paolo & I run this travel blog. I am 2x years old, born & raised in the land of the Mayon Volcano. I got my college degree a few years ago from the country’s leading academic institution, the University of the Philippines – Diliman. At the moment, I work as a research team leader & editor for a private media company in Makati City, Philippines.

Why have this blog?

I started my travel adventures way back in February 2012 when I flew to Cebu on my own & discovered that beautiful city. That trip triggered by passion for travel. It felt good to be somewhere else, to meet new people from different walks of life, to be exposed to a new kinds of cuisine & culture & to experience other people’s way of life. From that time, I’ve been to numerous cities & towns within the Philippines, to almost all of Southeast Asian countries (with Brunei, Laos & East Timor left on the list) & to a number of cities & countries in East Asia. I may have been to some countries & cities but the dream of travelling the world lives on – there is to much more to do & see in this beautiful planet.

I created this blog mainly to share my travel experiences & tips. My friends would always ask me how do I afford to go to all these places with my ‘Monday-Friday’ corporate job. I won’t elaborate them one by one here but rest assured the answers will be revealed in the different blogposts. Always remember that you don’t need to be rich to go far & see places.

Why Wknd Travel?

It took me around 10 changes before I came to a conclusion that I will use this as my blog name. From the name itself, it suggests that I do (long) weekend travels. Yes, that’s right. At first, I had a struggle balancing my ‘corporate self’ with my ‘travel self.’ Few trips after, I realized you can actually have the best of both worlds. You work for hours from Monday to Friday & get your pay check every fortnight & at the same time, you go fly somewhere else & explore places during (long) weekends.

Again, thank you for visiting & enjoy!